​Recruitment Funnel

Do you want the same funnel that you experienced?

You need to join as a VIP Partner to be eligible for the same recruitment funnel.
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Here is what you need for me to set up for you.

1. Domain name $10 per year : www.godaddy.com | www.namecheap.com
2. Zapier account $19.99 per month : www.zapier.com
3. Wufoo $19.00 per month : www.wufoo.com
4. Bonjoro [start with free account] : www.bonjoro.com
5. Aweber autoresponder $19.00 per month : ​https://www.aweber.com
6. Gmail account to create your google sheet [totally free]
7. You need to pay $20 one time for setting up all the integration. This will be paid to a freelancer.

My contribution

1. I will provide you with free hosting
2. I will provide you with the plugins to set up your site
3. I will set up everything for you free of charge. It will take some time as I have to do it manually.
4. The 30 days Online training has been set up by me. You can use it free of charge
5. You can use all the autoresponder messages set up by me. I will help you import into your Aweber autoresponder.
6. I will create all the recruitment funnel for you

Once you become a VIP Partner, you need to fill in the form below: